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Warrior teases the Solo Bar with 11g of protein and a gram of sugar

warrior solo bar

Warrior Supplements already has two great tasting protein snacks in its lineup with the delicious Warrior Crunch and the oat-based Warrior Flapjack. The UK brand is now hyping its third competitor for the health food category with a promising product called Warrior Solo bar.

For now, Warrior has not revealed what the snack actually looks like, only confirming a few nutrition numbers. Judging by the macros, the Warrior Solo Bar will be smaller than either of the brand’s other protein bars with a reasonable 11g of protein, only a gram of sugar, and 118 calories.

It also seems like the Warrior Solo Bar will be focused more on flavor than anything else. The fact that it’s much lower in protein compared to Warrior Crunch indeed suggests that’ll be the case, although for now we’re just going have to wait to see what Warrior has up its sleeve.