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Applied unveils its comprehensive focus supplement Nootropic Power

applied nutrition nootropic power

Applied Nutrition recently previewed two entirely new supplements for release sometime soon with an energy infused amino beverage and a pre-workout. It turns out the UK based brand also has a nootropic formula on the way called Nootropic Power, which it has revealed the formula for.

The other upcoming product from Applied Nutrition is designed to provide a well-rounded nootropic experience with support for mental focus, clarity, and concentration. It packs a fully transparent mix of ingredients which includes the classic stimulant caffeine at a reasonable 100mg per serving.

The rest of the main ingredients in Applied Nutrition’s Nootropic Power include 300mg each of citicoline, alpha-GPC, and carnitine, 150mg of gingko, 200mg of tyrosine, and 50mg of rhodiola. Also in the mix to enhance absorption of everything is 5mg of Bioperine and 50mg of AstraGin.