Applied reveals the four main ingredients in its upcoming Pump 3G

Mar 18th, 2019
applied nutrition pump 3g

Following the news of Applied Nutrition getting ready to take on the beverage category with a sugar-free, BCAA powered drink, it has now confirmed another product that’s on the way. Also coming soon from the UK brand is a pre-workout supplement named Pump 3G.

So far Applied Nutrition has only shared a preview of the bottle of Pump 3G which confirms four fo the product’s main ingredients. The upcoming pre-workout will include a strong 5g of the pump enhancer citrulline, 3g of creatine with no form specified just yet, 3g of arginine AKG, and 2g of the performance ingredient beta-alanine.

We also know that Applied Nutrition’s Pump 3G is going to have stimulants in the mix because it will be available in a stimulant free option. Both versions of the pre-workout are going to have all of the features mentioned above, with only the stimulants removed for the zero stimulant option as its name suggests.

Applied Nutrition plans on unleashing its latest pre-workout competitor sometime soon, just like its on-the-go energy infused amino drink. Pump 3G is due to hit shelves and online stores in two flavors with Fruit Burst and Icy Blue Razz, and both tastes will be available in regular and zero stimulant options.