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Body Fortress debuts its new on-the-go, quick dissolving Protein Paks

body fortress protein paks

Body Fortress has introduced an all-new product at the Arnold this year with the convenient protein supplement Protein Paks. The new release is essentially a protein powder, however, instead of coming in a traditional tub of powder with a scoop, Body Fortress Protein Paks is a bag of dissolvable packets of protein.

Each of the supplement’s packets provides a strong 40g of protein, all of which comes from premium whey. The way they work is you fill up your bottle then throw one of the packs in and shake it up. The outside of the packet will then dissolve and release the protein powder to be mixed in with whatever liquid you have.

Body Fortress has put together two traditional tastes for its all-new and super convenient Protein Paks in Chocolate and Vanilla, both coming with a total of 18 packets per bag.