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Chocolate Sprinkled Doughnut Quest Bar now available at GNC

chocolate sprinkled doughnut quest bar

An all-new flavor of Quest Nutrition’s flagship protein bar has shown up at the major supplement retailer GNC. With so many options already available to choose from for the protein snack it’s no surprise that the latest addition to the Quest Bar menu isn’t a traditional flavor.

Now in stock at GNC is a Chocolate Sprinkled Doughnut Quest Bar, featuring the product’s usual mix of macros. Each bar provides 20g of complete dairy-based protein as well as 23g of carbohydrates with less than a gram of sugar, 8g of fat, and a total of 190 calories.

You can now grab Quest Nutrition’s new Chocolate Sprinkled Doughnut Quest Bar from GNC’s online store where it currently costs $24.99 for a box of 12 bars.