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Fit Crunch teases five possibilities for its next new protein bar flavor

chocolate pretzel fit crunch

This Friday Robert Irvine’s Fit Crunch is introducing another new flavor for its signature protein bar featuring a strong 30g of protein. The product is expected to be different from the event exclusive Mystery Crunch protein bar the brand recently debuted at this year’s Arnold Classic Expo.

Two days out from the exciting Fit Crunch reveal, the brand has dropped a short clip featuring five different flavors and hinting that its new bar is one of them. The flavors included in the teaser are strawberry cheesecake, jelly doughnut, mint chocolate hazelnut, chocolate pretzel, and s’mores.

Out of all of those, we think a Mint Chocolate Hazelnut Fit Crunch is most likely, purely because it’s quite a specific combination of flavors. Fortunately, we’ve only got two days to wait to find out what the product is, as it is due to be unveiled this coming Friday.