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Zero calorie G Fuel energy drink launching this summer in four flavors

g fuel energy drink

Sometime this summer, the energy and focus supplement G Fuel from Gamma Labs, is launching in a convenient 16oz can. The on-the-go product will be the latest entry from a supplement company into the growing energy drink game, and just like the original powder, it’s built to boost energy and focus.

Gamma Labs has confirmed the upcoming G Fuel beverage will contain caffeine from coffee beans, tyrosine, antioxidants, and vitamins. The product is releasing in four zero sugar and zero calorie flavors with Blue Ice, Sour Cherry, and the two slightly more creative options, Rainbow Sherbet and FazeBerry.

Ever since being introduced to the G Fuel powder, we’ve been big fans of its flavor and reliable formula, so we are of course very excited about the G Fuel drink. Based on how good the original tastes, we have to imagine Gamma Labs’ new drink is going to be a tough competitor in the flavor department