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Revamped Ghost Amino arrives for US and European fans in two flavors

ghost amino

As promised, Ghost has launched its revamped amino supplement Ghost Amino V2 today, which features a hefty 10g of transparently dosed EAAs. Of that 10g, 4.5g belongs to BCAAs with the other six EAAs making up the remaining 5.5g, and the product is also now made with vegan-friendly amino acids.

The updated Ghost Amino V2 has been given a full international launch, meaning the lifestyle brand has added the supplement to both its US and European online stores at The two stores have it available in the same two, 20 serving flavors with Blue Raspberry and Warheads Sour Green Apple.

The price on Ghost Amino V2 is $39.99 for US fans and £32.99 for those in UK, although there are coupons available for you to save a bit of money. The code “BESEEN” will score you 20% off anything on Ghost’s website and will drop the likes of the new Ghost Amino V2 down to a slightly nicer $32.