Juggernaut reformulates its intense pre-workout and renames it IrAte Extreme

Mar 15th, 2019
irate extreme

Juggernaut Nutrition is known quite well for its creative flavor options as well as having a variety of pre-workouts to choose from. This month the brand has relaunched one of those pre-workout supplements with a sequel to its intense pre-workout IrAte, officially titled IrAte Extreme.

What does it do

The new Extreme version of IrAte still promises an intense experience in the gym; the primary difference is that it doesn’t use the same combination of ingredients. Juggernaut Nutrition’s updated formula aims to deliver explosive energy, better muscle pumps and mental focus, and improved performance.

Transparent formula

To take care of the explosive energy and focus, IrAte Extreme includes 120mg of eria jarensis, half a gram of NALT, 2mg of rauwolscine 150mg of DMHA, and isopropylnorsynephrine. It also has two forms of caffeine totaling 350mg with 200mg of that coming from regular caffeine anhydrous and 150mg from caffeine citrate.

irate extreme

The rest of the ingredients in Juggernaut Nutrition’s all-new IrAte Extreme are there for performance and pumps, plus 5mg of black pepper to enhance absorption of everything. Those performance and pump features are 1.5g of creatine HCl, half a gram of agmatine, 2g of beta-alanine, and 5g of citrulline malate.

Flavors and availability

As mentioned earlier, one of the things Juggernaut Nutrition is known for is flavors, and it has not disappointed with IrAte Extreme. The brand’s latest pre-workout comes in five flavors with Blue Raspberry Slushy, Dweebz, Sour Watermelon Patch, Rainbow Drops, and Braxton’s Sour Pals.

The new IrAte Extreme is now in stock and available for purchase directly from Juggernaut Nutrition’s online store at $45.99 for a full 30 serving tub.