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KetoSports launches its fat focused Better Butter made with organic ghee

ketosports better butter

Better Butter is an all-new product from the team over at KetoSports and is intended to be exactly that, a better butter. It features a keto and paleo friendly formula that’s high in MCTs, has a higher smoke point, and is great for baking, sauteing, and stir-frying.

KetoSports Better Butter is made using a simple mix of three ingredients including grass-fed organic ghee and sustainably sourced coconut and avocado oil. The macros on a 14g tablespoon serving are 12.8g of fat with 10g of that saturated, zero carbohydrates, and 128 calories.

The new KetoSports product comes in a neatly packaged, 14oz tin, which is enough to provide you with 28, 14g tablespoon servings. The fat focused food is now in stock and available directly from the brand’s own online store where it costs a reasonable $19.95.