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Olympus Labs reveals its latest comprehensive pre-workout Levels

olympus labs levels

Olympus Labs Levels is a new pre-workout supplement coming soon and is designed to deliver a complete, all-around type experience. The brand has once again come through with an impressive combination of ingredients, all of which keep with the modern theme of being fully transparent, so you know exactly how much of everything you get per serving.

Levels is a stimulant powered product, similar to Olympus Labs other pre-workout currently on the market, I Am Suprem3 Black Magic Edition. To take care of the energy and focus in the supplement, it has 260mg of Dynamine (104mg pure), 25mg of KannaEase sceletium tortuosum, 300mg of caffeine, and 250mg of Cognizin citicoline.

The other half of the Olympus Labs Levels formula is made up of five other ingredients, most of which are branded compounds. There is a strong 5g of pure citrulline for pumps, 300mg of Vaso6, and two more pump features with the S7 blend and 2g of GlycerPump glycerol. There is also 50mg of AstraGin in the mix to enhance the absorption of everything.

olympus labs levels

Levels will have the same kind of branding as another upcoming product from Olympus Labs with the stimulant-free, No Mercy. Levels is actually quite similar to No Mercy regarding its formula, as four of its nine ingredients are the same. The difference, of course, is that Levels comes packed with ingredients to increase energy, whereas No Mercy doesn’t.

Olympus Labs Levels is due to launch sometime in the near future with 20 maximum servings per tub and another handful of creative flavors. For now, we only know of one of the comprehensive pre-workout’s options with a blue ice pop recipe Olympus Labs has officially titled Myst Tease.