Marc Lobliner confirms the Outright Protein Wafer will be back in 4 weeks

outright protein wafer

Marc Lobliner recently confirmed that he would not be giving his Outright Protein Wafer a full launch after doing a limited launch last year. It now appears that he has changed his mind and will in fact be bringing the tasty protein snack back to Tiger Fitness in about four weeks from now.

Marc Lobliner describes the upcoming return of the Outright Protein Wafer as another “test” however, it will not be limited like the first launch. Fans of the brand and product will be able to order as much as they like of the Outright Protein Wafer, or at least as much as Tiger Fitness has in stock.

As far as we know the Outright Protein Wafer will feature the same formula and nutrition profile, although it is going to have an extra flavor to choose from. Instead of being available in just Vanilla, when Lobliner’s snack returns it will have the original Vanilla as well as Chocolate.