PhD Nutrition re-releases Smart Butter with new macros and flavors

Mar 19th, 2019
phd smart butter

PhD Nutrition has relaunched its high protein peanut butter, Smart Butter, with a slightly different nutrition profile, a fresh new mix of flavors, and a smaller jar size. We’re not sure if the product has changed texture and taste-wise, but it does appear to be pretty much the same kind of idea.

As mentioned the macros are different with the newly released PhD Smart Butter; however, the balance isn’t too far off the original. Per 100g the butter provides 29 to 30g of protein primarily from whey concentrate, 16 to 18g of carbohydrates with 12g of that sugar, 39 to 40g of fat, and a calorie count ranging from 532 to 543.

phd smart butter

The biggest change in Smart Butter’s nutrition profile is the protein sitting at 29 to 30g, which is a lot more than the previous version’s 20g per 100g. As for the flavors, PhD Nutrition has given it a new set of options with two tastes to choose from in Chocolate Brownie and White Choc Blondie.

Fans of the brand in the UK can now pick up the re-released Smart Butter directly from its online store at The new product is a lot smaller than the original measuring in at 250g a jar, so it’s no surprise its price point is also a bit lower at £5.99 for either of its two flavors.