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Xplosive Ape shares the first look at its upcoming X Edition Pre-Workout

xplosive ape x edition pre-workout

Only a few days after it confirmed that it would be launching a pre-workout of some sort, the clothing company Xplosive Ape has given us a first look at the product. The upcoming release is named X Edition Pre-Workout, and it will be the brand’s second supplement following the release of its multi-stage protein powder.

You can see the preview Xplosive Ape has shared for X Edition Pre-Workout at the top of this post, which doesn’t reveal too much outside of its name. All it really tells us is that the product is indeed titled X Edition, it describes itself as a pre-workout catalyst, and from what we can see, it will have 45 servings per tub.

While Xplosive Ape hasn’t shared all that much about X Edition Pre-Workout, the good news is, everything you need to know will be revealed soon. The UK company that is primarily about clothing, plans on dropping details on X Edition sometime next week with the launch of the supplement to follow.

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