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YT’s new high protein, low calorie bar hitting stores as early as this week

yt protein bar

The Norwegian supplement company YT launched a new protein bar this month that has only been available directly through its website for the past couple of weeks. The product simply named the YT Protein Bar is now said to be hitting its usual stores and stockists as early as this week.

The new YT Protein Bar is a lean snack with a high amount of protein at 22g per bar primarily coming from milk protein, with only 177 calories and absolutely no added sugar. The product’s other major macros include 5.5g of fat with 2.7g of that saturated, and 14g of carbohydrates with 1.1g of that sugar.

The nutrition profile highlighted above is for the YT Protein Bar’s Brownie with Chocolate flavor, which does vary slightly for its one other option, Fudge with Peanut and Chocolate. The peanut variant has slightly less protein with 20g and marginally more carbohydrates and calories.

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