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Alpha Lion fills Superhuman Greens with fruits, veggies, probiotics and more

alpha lion superhuman greens

Alpha Lion has been quite busy as of late, introducing a bunch of new supplements with updated versions of Komodo Pump and Superhuman, as well as its Gains Candy Series. It turns out the brand is not finished, as it has introduced yet another product this month with Superhuman Greens.

As you’d expect with a name like that, Alpha Lion’s new Superhuman Greens is a superfood formula featuring a variety of greens, although that is far from all it comes with. The supplement is made up of eight different non-transparent blends, which divides everything up into their own individual groups of ingredients.

Starting from the top, Superhuman Greens comes with a 6g greens and grass blend, 2g of carotenoid-rich vegetables, a gram of fruits and vegetables, and 180mg of digestive enzymes. Rounding out the product is three half gram blends of sprouts, cruciferous and sea vegetables, and probiotics, and lastly a 50mg blend to enhance absorption.

Just like all three of Alpha Lion’s Gains Candy Series supplements, Superhuman Greens is due to release directly through the brand’s website tomorrow. Fans of Alpha Lion will have two 30 serving flavors to choose from for the greens formula with Manchild Mango and Anabolic Apple.