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Alphamine capsules get a new mix of ingredients for energy and focus

alphamine capsules

PEScience has put together a new way for fans to enjoy its stimulant powered energy supplement Alphamine. This week the brand has released an all-new capsule version of Alphamine which is designed to increase energy, enhance thermogenesis, and help with focus and concentration.

The new PEScience Alphamine capsules feature a slightly different combination of ingredients compared to the regular powder. Two of the product’s five ingredients are from the flavored original with theanine dosed at 100mg plus a blend of caffeine and dicaffeine malate providing 125mg of caffeine.

alphamine capsules

The other features making up the Alphamine capsules are 80mg of oleaBurn branded olive leaf, 5mg of BioPQQ pyrroloquinoline quinone, and 15mg of grains of paradise. The new PEScience supplement does also have fewer servings than the powder with 60 and can be taken as much as twice per day.

To celebrate the launch of the new Alphamine capsules, PEScience is running a sale on its website where you can get the product for $24.99 per bottle with the coupon “INSIDER”. That coupon also discounts the brand’s recently released, stimulant-free fat burner Lipovate down to the same price.