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BAM unleashes its intense B*tch Slap 2.0 pre-workout at FIBO

btch slap 2

Earlier this week BAM Supplements announced that it would be introducing an all-new version of its pre-workout B*tch Slap at this year’s FIBO Expo. Here in Cologne, the local German brand has done exactly that, showing off B*tch Slap 2.0 alongside all of the new items from GN Labs and Gods Rage.

The appropriately named B*tch Slap 2.0 has debuted at FIBO and is available to the huge amount of visitors in attendance as well as shoppers at the German retailer Gigas Nutrition. Staying true to its name, BAM Supplements has packed its latest version of B*tch Slap with an intense combination of ingredients.

A maximum serving of the new B*tch Slap 2.0 is made up of two full scoops, which includes the pump ingredients citrulline malate at a hefty 9g, arginine at 4g, glutathione at 400mg, and beetroot at 600mg. It then has another 12 different ingredients to increase energy and enhance mental focus.

You can see the full mix of features in BAM Supplements’ B*tch Slap 2.0 directly above, but some of its energy and focus highlights would be half a gram caffeine, 600mg of alpha-GPC, 2g of n-acetyl l-tyrosine, and a gram of cordyceps. It is a promising and intense mix of ingredients, although it is fitting for a product named B*tch Slap.