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Biohack builds hype for its replacement pump formula Serum Code Infl8

serum code infl8

It was only a few months ago that the well put together company Biohack Pharmaceuticals, introduced its loaded pump pre-workout, Serum Code Pump. This week the brand has revealed it is gearing up to launch a replacement for the supplement, that sounds like it may be even better.

The next Biohack product is going to be titled similar to Serum Code Pump with Serum Code Infl8. The UK based brand hasn’t mentioned anything regarding its formula, but seeing as the original Serum Code Pump was so heavily dosed, we suspect Serum Code Infl8 will be just as impressive.

In the past Biohack has moved pretty quickly with teasers and previews of new products, so while Serum Code Infl8 is only being previewed at the moment, we wouldn’t be surprised if it arrives sooner rather than later.