Blackstone completes its BCAA Resurgence line with a BCAA only formula

Apr 30th, 2019
blackstone labs bcaa resurgence

Blackstone Labs recently released a new version of its amino supplement BCAA Resurgence combining BCAAs with extra ingredients for energy and focus. It is the energy that separates it from the brand’s other, original BCAA Resurgence product which combines just BCAAs with nootropics for focus.

It turns out Blackstone Labs has yet another amino supplement that completes the BCAA Resurgence family that is the simplest option of the lot. The third BCAA Resurgence product is a straightforward formula, featuring only BCAAs at the usual 2:1:1 ratio and at a dose of 5g in each of its 30 servings.

Blackstone Labs’ plain and simple BCAA Resurgence comes in two fruit themed flavors with Orange and Watermelon. Despite being the more basic of the three BCAA Resurgence supplements, directly from the brand the amino costs the same as the others and for the same amount of servings at $39.99.