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Blackstone Labs now has three sizes available for Isolation and 3-Whey

blackstone labs isolation

Blackstone Labs has expanded its family of protein powders this week, adding a bunch of new sizes to its blend formula 3-Whey and quality whey isolate protein Isolation. Both supplements now have three different sizes to choose from with traditional 2lb and 5lbs, as well as a smaller 1lb.

The isolate protein Isolation has the same two tastes for all of its sizes with Chocolate and Vanilla, which isn’t entirely the case for 3-Whey. Blackstone Labs’ blend protein has four flavors for each size with Vanilla, Cookies and Cream, Chocolate, and Vanilla Peanut Butter, although the 2lb has one extra in Orange Creamsicle.

All of the sizes are now in stock and available for purchase directly from Blackstone Labs’ online store at The prices on the various tubs go from $31.99 up to $84.99 for Isolation, with the blend style 3-Whey obviously being a bit cheaper ranging from $24.99 up to $79.99.