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Bodylab rebrands and individually names each of its protein bar flavors

body lab the protein bar rebrand rename

The Danish supplement and functional food brand Bodylab, has revamped the look of one of its high protein snacks. The product getting the brand’s attention this month is what was previously referred to as The Protein Bar, which was packaged slightly differently for each of its three flavors.

Bodylab has now given the protein snack a more colorful, vibrant, and eye-catching design that keeps everything on the inside, from taste to texture, the same. The changes appear to be all cosmetic, although along with the new look, the brand has also given the product more distinctive names.

We say “names” instead “name” as Bodylab has actually given each of its protein bar’s flavors a different title. The newly colored items are now Madly Delicious for Hazelnut and Chocolate, Insanely Crunchy for Cookies and White Chocolate, and Ridiculously Tasty for Cashew Nut and Caramel.

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