releases two Birthday Cake products for its 20th birthday

birthday cake signature crunch

For its 20th birthday, the major online supplement retailer has brought back the Signature Whey flavor it launched for its 19th birthday. That product from 2018 was a Birthday Cake Signature Whey, however, for its 2019 celebration that isn’t all the supplement store has put together.

As well as bringing back its Birthday Cake Signature Whey, has launched a new Birthday Cake flavor for its protein bar Signature Crunch. The two items are now available for purchase from, although they’re both only going to be around for a limited time.

On top of the limited edition Signature Whey and Crunch flavors, is also doing an appropriate 20% off its entire website for its 20th birthday. The discount is available through until the end of today with the coupon code “MUSCLE”.