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BPI Sports announces Smart Burn and its creatine formula Strength Gainz

bpi sports strength gainz

BPI Sports may have already dropped a handful of new supplements in the fisrst few months of the year, but it is not stopping there. The brand has announced today that it has another two products right around the corner with the flavored weight loss formula Smart Burn, and the strength enhancer Strength Gainz.

Both of the upcoming BPI Sports supplements have yet to be completely unveiled, but have had some of their formula highlights shared. Smart Burn is a flavored fat burner featuring Dynamine for focus, while Strength Gainz is a creatine product with a variety of creatines plus PeakO2 for performance and Amino9 EAAs.

bpi sports smart burn

BPI Sports has said Strength Gainz is due to be available in the next couple of months with the Vitamin Shoppe set to be the first place stocking the supplement. In June the brand also plans to drop a recovery focused box set at the Vitamin Shoppe containing trial size tubs of BCAAs, EAAs, and the new Strength Gainz.