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Core confirms its natural anabolic Core Bolic for the end of May

core bolic

Next week Core Nutritionals plans on launching its revamped nighttime supplement Core ZZZ combining the previous version with three new ingredients. Exactly one month after that, the brand intends to release another new product with the muscle building formula Core Bolic.

Core Nutritionals describes the upcoming supplement as a “natural anabolic and peak power optimizer” that in the brand’s usual style, won’t feature any proprietary blends. We don’t know what any of its ingredients are, although we have to imagine the formula will have a point of difference compared to the brand’s other muscle builders.

The exact date Core Nutritionals plans on dropping Core Bolic is Monday the 27th of next month, with its website being the first place set to stock the product. Be sure to stay tuned here at Stack3d for details as we expect to share them before the supplement becomes available for purchase.