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Detour has a new full-size protein snack due to launch sometime soon

detour protein snack

Following the successful launch of its delicious Lean Muscle Bites which included an authentic M&M’s flavor, Detour has announced another snack is on the way. No name, image or anything has confirmed for the upcoming product, although the brand is asking fans to guess what flavors it will have.

Detour has said that the snack is going to be a full-size protein bar, not like its recently released bite-size Lean Muscle Bites. It’ll be launching in two different flavors, one of which is a twist on a flavor the brand already has for another product, while the other one is an entirely and no doubt delicious creation.

Seeing as Detour’s M&M’s bites got so much attention, we really wouldn’t be surprised if one of its two flavors is another collaboration, maybe even with M&M’s again. If you’d like to take a guess at the product’s flavors, head over to the brand’s Instagram, and if you get them both correct you’ll win.

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