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Detour partners with M&Ms for its creative new Lean Muscle Bites

The protein snack brand Detour, has officially partnered with the company behind M&M’s for an authentic M&M’s product. The new release is Lean Muscle Bites which comes in two flavor options with Cookie Dough, and Chocolate Candy Crunch featuring actual M&M’s Minis spread throughout.

Detour’s new Lean Muscle Bites come in a 160g bag with eight bite-size and reasonably high protein bars. The product has quite a calorie dense nutrition profile compared to a regular bar with an entire bag providing 40g of protein, 80g of carbohydrates with 24g of that sugar, 16g of fat, and 640 calories.

detour lean muscle bites

Based on pictures, the bodies of the Detour Lean Muscle Bites feature a solid chocolate base with an oat filled main layer. That is then topped with sweet and delicious bits including chocolate chips on the Cookie Dough flavor and as mentioned earlier, actual M&M’s Minis in the Chocolate Candy Crunch.

The creative new Detour Lean Muscle Bites are available now exclusively through the major supplement retailer, the Vitamin Shoppe. You can grab them from the store’s website at where both flavors are in stock and will cost you $7.99 per bag, which works out to $1 per piece.