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ProSupps reveals plans for its extremely exclusion Hyde Icon expansion

mr hyde icon

Just as ProSupps promised, its new, award-winning pre-workout Mr. Hyde Icon is now available at the major supplement retailer Vitamin Shoppe. While the availability is great news, the Vitamin Shoppe isn’t the only place fans of the brand are going to be able to purchase the powerhouse pre-workout.

ProSupps does plan on launching Mr. Hyde Icon in 100 other retail locations, although that is where everything gets interesting. The brand will be making the supplement available to exactly 100 retailers, no more, and by invitation only. The pre-workout is essentially going to be one of the most exclusive ProSupps supplements ever.

The brand has said the top-secret retailers are due to receive their Mr. Hyde Icon invitations between Wednesday and Friday of next week which will include a link to join its Icon program. The stores will get a handful of perks by being a part of it all including area exclusivity, in-store decorations, ongoing samples, custom apparel, and more.

The launch of ProSupps Mr. Hyde Icon outside of the Vitamin Shoppe is due to take place in just over three weeks’ time on Wednesday the 1st of next month.

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