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GN Labs also releases the fat burners °108 Fahrenheit and Shred Cuts

gn labs 108 fahrenheit

Alongside the three new Signature Series supplements it has introduced at FIBO this weekend, GN Labs also launched has a pair of weight loss products. The two items are °108 Fahrenheit and Shred Cuts, with the former being a stimulant powered formula and the latter intended more for water loss.

Both of the fat burning supplements feature a similar kind of branding that is quite different from anything else in the GN Labs lineup. As mentioned, Shred Cuts is designed to help eliminate water retention to maximize muscle definition and hardness as well as support healthy kidney and urinary tract function.

GN Labs Shred Cuts comes packed with a gram of dandelion extract, 250mg each of nettle root and uva ursi, half a gram of juniper, 100mg of buchu, and 40mg of burdock root. As for °108 Fahrenheit, you get a lot more ingredients in each serving as well as more benefits including reduced hunger and cravings, increased metabolism, enhanced mood and energy, and help to prevent the formation of new fat cells.

gn labs shred cutz

Squeezed into a single three-capsule serving of the stimulant fat burner is 100mg of theobromine, 600mg of brahmi extract, 300mg of green coffee bean, half a gram of alpha-GPC, and 10mg of black pepper for better absorption. There is also 200mg each of caffeine, panax ginseng, and 5-HTP, and 50mg each of pterostilbene and cayenne pepper.

Just like GN Labs’ Signature Series, the German’s brand’s new family of weight loss formulas is available at FIBO this weekend as well as online through the retailer Gigas Nutrition. The regular price on °108 Fahrenheit is €36.61, and Shred Cutz is €29.90, although for a limited time you can save 15% which drops the items to €31.11 (34.89 USD) and €25.42 (28.51 USD).