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Killer Stack Labs drops details on its testosterone booster T:ST

killer stack labs tst

Killer Stack Labs recently revealed that its rebranded pre-workout 0:HR was just the beginning of its new releases for 2019. It followed that announcement up with the unveiling of a creatine formula, a stimulant powered fat burner, and now a testosterone booster named T:ST.

Much like its fat burner and creatine supplement CR:8N, Killer Stack Labs keeps the formula behind its first-ever testosterone booster T:ST, pretty straightforward. The product comes with a handful of main ingredients to support natural energy, muscle mass, and improved strength.

Packed into T:ST’s three-capsule serving is zinc and magnesium citrate, as well as 375mg each of Korean ginseng and ashwagandha, and 600mg of bulbine natalensis. Also in the mix is the commonly used black pepper at a dose of 6mg per serving to help improve the absorption of everything.

Killer Stack Labs T:ST is due to be available in the usual stores and stockists in the coming months along with the brand’s upcoming fat burner B:RN.