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Tim Muriello’s EAA formula Gro Pronto finally gets a second flavor

mango maaamba gro pronto

When Tim Muriello initially launched his amino product Gro Pronto roughly one and a half years ago in the second half of 2017, it had just the one flavor available. This month Muriello has finally given fans of his Spazmatic brand of supplements a second taste to choose from which they might be familiar with.

Gro Pronto is a full spectrum essential amino acid formula featuring all nine EAAs alongside glutamine, electrolytes, and enzymes to help with digestion. Previously the one flavor available for Gro Pronto was Strawberry Frozen Fruit Bar, although it has now been joined by an option from the brand’s pre-workout menu in Mango Maaamba.

You can now purchase Tim Muriello’s all-new Mango Maaamba Gro Pronto directly from his online store as well as the major supplement retailer I’ll Pump You Up. Through Muriello’s website, the product will cost you $29.99 for a full 30 serving tub, while I’ll Pump You Up will save you $1 with Gro Pronto at $28.95.

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