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NOCCO brings it all-new limited edition Miami Strawberry to FIBO

miami strawberry nocco

The no carbs company NOCCO recently released an all-new, limited edition flavor for its signature energy infused amino beverage. That new option is the alternatively branded Miami Strawberry, which the Sweden-based brand has brought to this year’s FIBO Expo and given us a chance to actually try it.

As per its name, NOCCO’s Miami Strawberry drink does indeed deliver a strong strawberry taste, that you can even pick up just from the smell. The sugar-free drink doesn’t have an overly sweet strawberry flavor; it’s a nice balance of subtle and tasty that stays fairly consistent from the start to the finish of each sip.

The version of NOCCO’s Miami Strawberry drink at FIBO is the lighter one with 2.5g of BCAAs per can and a lower amount of caffeine at 105mg of caffeine instead of 180mg like the drink in Sweden.

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