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MTS unveils Vega-D3 powered by lichen derived VegaDELight vitamin D3

mts vega d3

Over the past few weeks, Marc Lobliner’s supplement brand MTS Nutrition has dropped a number of straightforward, single ingredient products. It’s introduced an unflavored citrulline powder and four different capsule formulas featuring CLA, PurCaf green coffee bean, coQ10, and melatonin.

This week, details have surfaced on yet another basic, single ingredient formula MTS Nutrition with Vega-D3. The product is a simple vitamin D3 supplement, although it doesn’t use just any vitamin D3. MTS Vega-D3 is powered by the vegan-friendly VegaDELight vitamin D3 derived from lichen.

MTS Nutrition’s all-new Vega-D3 is already listed on Tiger Fitness but is currently out of stock. The store does also confirm the price on the product for when it eventually arrives at $13.99 per 60 capsule bottle.