Nutrabio releases Caff Plus combining theanine and two caffeine sources

Apr 20th, 2019
nutrabio caff plus

This week, the Stack3d Certified Nutrabio continues its storm of product releases for 2019 with the introduction of an entirely new supplement. The majority of the brand’s releases have been flavors or simple products, with its latest being a bit of the latter in the energy formula Caff Plus.

Nutrabio’s Caff Plus is a supplement powered by caffeine and intended to provide both fast and sustained energy due to its two separate sources of caffeine. Every capsule of the product comes with 200mg of theanine, 100mg of Infinergy dicaffeine malate, and 79mg of PurCaf organic caffeine providing a combined 150mg of actual caffeine.

As per usual, you can grab the latest Nutrabio supplement directly from its own online store over at The no crash and jitters energy formula is available in the one 60 capsule bottle size, and due to its simple mix of ingredients, it doesn’t cost all that much at a price of $14.99.

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