Olimp jams 5g of citrulline and more into its stim-free Pump Xplode Shot

olimp pump xplode shot

Pump Xplode Shot is another new supplement Olimp has launched this month alongside the other many items it introduced at this year’s FIBO Expo. The product is a liquid, on-the-go shot to be used before a workout to enhance muscle pumps and it also has an ingredient in the mix to increase focus.

Olimp’s Pump Xplode Shot features a handful of ingredients in its small, single serving, 60ml shot for a total of roughly of 6.5g of active ingredients. The leading feature of the convenient pump supplement is pure citrulline dosed at a strong 5g which sits alongside a gram of arginine, 400mg of sage extract, and 50mg of bacopa.

Like with all of Olimp’s new supplements releases, its all-new Pump Xplode Shot is now in stock and available for purchase from the brand’s website. The price on a single shot of the European brand’s latest creation is €2.50 (2.83 USD) with two traditional tastes to choose from in Orange and Fruit Punch.