Olympus Labs is discontinuing Superior Protein with a strong BOGO sale

olympus labs superior protein

Olympus Labs has revealed that it is replacing its first-ever protein powder Superior Protein, which was released in two versions late last year. The tasty supplement features a blend of casein and whey sources, is infused with the protein synthesis enhancer Velositol, and has an alternate muscle building option.

To say goodbye to the quality protein powder, Olympus Labs is running a strong buy one get one free sale at a lot of major supplement retailers. The likes of Natural Body, Suppremacy and A1 Supplements all have the product available in its five different flavor options with a two for the price of one offer.

There is no coupon required for the deal at any of the stores selling Superior Protein, just add the desired tubs to your cart. All of those places above have the product at the same prices of $39.99 for the regular and $44.99 for the muscle building edition, or $20 and $22.50 each when you factor in the sale.