Optimum Protein Bar features an incredible marshmallow like consistency

optimum protein bar

Optimum Nutrition may not have a booth at this year’s FIBO Expo, but it has debuted an entirely new protein snack with the simply named Optimum Protein Bar. The product is being sampled around by promotional people in the aisles and is available for purchase from the Body & Fit and Zoe Leggings booths.

The new product is a chocolate coated protein bar featuring a gooey layer at the top below the chocolate, and a truly game-changing center. The Optimum Protein Bar was described to us as very soft and smooth; however, we did not expect the incredible consistency that the brand has actually managed to pack into this one.

optimum protein bar

The closest thing we can compare the consistency of the Optimum Protein Bar to is marshmallow, and that is in no way an exaggeration. What Optimum Nutrition has done with the product is absolutely amazing. Your teeth sink right through the bar, similar to how smooth a bite of a soft marshmallow can be.

The crazy thing is that despite how soft, light and fluffy the Optimum Protein Bar feels, it doesn’t fold or flop when you hold it upright. It is fortunate that the consistency is good on this one, as even though it is easy to eat, it doesn’t pack too much sweetness or flavor in its chocolate outer, gooey layer, or even the main body.

The Optimum Protein Bar comes in two flavors with Chocolate Peanut Butter and Chocolate Caramel, with neither delivering an experience that screams either of their title tastes. As mentioned though, the incredibly impressive consistency makes you quickly forget about the light flavor and leaves you only thinking about how amazingly soft it is.

optimum protein bar

Optimum Nutrition has really put together something special with the Optimum Protein Bar, and we can’t say that enough. The consistency on the product is unlike anything else on the market, and we are extremely excited to see where the brand takes this one if or when it adds more flavors to its menu.

The nutrition profile on the Optimum Protein Bar is pretty solid with the usual 20g of protein per bar. Along with that you also get 19g of carbohydrates and depending on the flavor, 1.5-1.7g of sugar, 5.8g to 6g of fat, and a total of 203 to 208 calories. Optimum Nutrition has confirmed, to start, it is launching the incomparable protein bar in the UK and Europe.