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Details surface on EHP Labs more intense OxyShred Hardcore

oxyshred hardcore

Details on an all-new, hardcore supplement from EHP Labs have surfaced with a spin-off of its original weight loss formula OxyShred. The upcoming product is the alternatively branded and more intense OxyShred Hardcore, which just like the original version, is a flavored weight loss supplement.

EHP Labs new OxyShred Hardcore which is due to launch in the coming months, is going to be a maximum one scoop product. We have been able to confirm the fat burner’s complete list of ingredients, although we only know the exact dose of one of its features with caffeine at 250mg per scoop.

The other ingredients making up OxyShred Hardcore includes glutamine, CLA, taurine, tyrosine, Advantra Z synephrine, guarana, raspberry ketones, green coffee bean, evodiamine, and huperzine A. There is also two forms of carnitine in the mix with acetyl-l-carnitine and GlycoCarn glycine propionyl-l-carnitine.

EHP Labs has designed OxyShred Hardcore to help with energy, mental focus, and weight loss, with a total of 40 servings per tub. When the supplement does eventually become available down under in Australia, fans of the brand will want to grab it up fast, as it is going to be a limited release.