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Pancake Batter Ghost Vegan sells out within hours but is in stock at GNC

pancake batter ghost vegan

Yesterday, Ghost dropped its highly-anticipated Pancake Batter flavor for Ghost Vegan, which as we’ve said several times before is the best tasting vegan protein on the market. It features a deliciously smooth flavor that has no earthy or off-putting after taste like the many other plant proteins we’ve tried.

The reason we’re bringing up Ghost and its new Pancake Batter Vegan flavor today is that if you didn’t get in on yesterday’s release straight away, you would have missed out. The original lifestyle supplement company has confirmed that it completely sold through all of the stock it had available on its online store.

It only took a few hours for Pancake Batter Ghost Vegan to run out, with both the brand’s US and European websites now out of stock. The good news is Ghost has made a whole bunch of the product available through its retail partner GNC, where it is now in stock for the same regular price of $44.99 per tub.

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