Pink Starblast flavor coming next week for the #1 rated HyperMax Extreme

pink starblast hypermax extreme

Performax Labs recently announced it would be launching one new product every month for the rest of the year, which is something it plans to start next week. Before the end of the month, the brand will be releasing another flavor for its number one rated pre-workout HyperMax Extreme.

At the moment you can grab Performax Labs’ powerful pre-workout in two different flavor options with Raspberry Lemonade and our more preferred Orange Mango. Early next week a much sweeter sounding creation will be joining HyperMax Extreme’s two original flavors with Pink Starblast.

The first place you’ll be able to pick up Performax Labs tasty new Pink Starblast HyperMax Extreme is its own online store at The brand does tend to run solid introductory sales on releases as well, so you may not end up having to pay full price on the new flavor.

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