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4+ Zero+ Review: A zero sugar block of chocolate that melts in your mouth

4 nutrition zero review

After enjoying 4+ Nutrition’s high protein chocolate block Filled Choco Joy we figured we’d also give the Italian brand’s similar, but not so high protein Zero+ a review. The point of this product is more about being a no sugar treat that has protein, but it isn’t anywhere near as high as the other macros in Zero+.

The 4+ Nutrition product is essentially a solid block of chocolate made with cocoa butter, maltitol, and whole milk powder. Each 50g block of Zero+ provides 26g of carbohydrates with zero sugar, 18g of fat with 11g of that saturated, 278 calories, and as mentioned, a low amount of protein at just 3.7g.


While 4+ Nutrition’s Zero+ is not the first no or low sugar chocolate block we’ve had, it is hands down the best and really sets itself apart from the many others we’ve come across. The big difference with this one is the consistency as the brand has managed to find the right balance of ingredients to make it melt in your mouth.

The consistency is exactly like a real block of chocolate which is extremely difficult to believe seeing as there is zero sugar in Zero+. The texture is of course not everything in a snack, although as 4+ Nutrition has shown in many other edible products, it has no problem delivering quality flavor to match.

4 nutrition zero review

There are three flavors available for 4+ Nutrition’s Zero+ with White Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, and of course Milk Chocolate. Each of the options makes itself different from the next by delivering a familiar richness or sweetness suitable to its name which is only amplified by the mouth-melting consistency.

The Milk Chocolate and Dark Chocolate Zero+ are the standouts for us as they pack a flavor much closer if not bang on with the real thing, even in the typically more complex taste of Dark Chocolate. The White Chocolate is in no way a disappointing effort, but it doesn’t completely nail that typical white chocolate sweetness.

4 nutrition zero review


If you’re looking for a delicious treat and prefer to keep the sugar to a bare minimum or in this case zero; 4+ Nutrition’s Zero+ is well worth a try. The product delivers consistency and flavor that is just like the real thing, which makes it extremely difficult not to eat the entire block after you get that first taste.