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Alpha Lion intensifies its pre-workout with Superhuman Supreme

alpha lion superhuman supreme

The up and coming Alpha Lion has released a special edition version of its Superhuman pre-workout that had been teased previously with Superhuman Supreme. The product is a spin-off of the brand’s pre-workout featuring a slightly different set of ingredients and is only going to be available for a limited time.

Formula wise, Superhuman Supreme comes with every ingredient and dose the original Superhuman does, with a handful of changes to make that extra “Supreme” title fitting. Where the changes have been made is in the pre-workout’s mix of ingredients for increased energy and mental focus.

Now instead of having 350mg of total caffeine per serving Superhuman Supreme has 375mg, twice as much DMHA at 200mg, and added eria jarensis also at 200mg. Everything else in the pre-workout is the same as the regular Superhuman including 7g of citrulline malate, 3.5g of beta-alanine, and 100mg of the S7 pump blend.

alpha lion superhuman supreme

As mentioned, Alpha Lion’s more stimulating Superhuman Supreme is a limited edition release and became available yesterday. While it did only just hit the market, the pre-workout supplement is already almost completely sold out.

To gain access to Superhuman Supreme through the brand’s website you need to connect to Alpha Lion via messenger in this link here. Just follow the set of instructions, and you’ll then be given a special code to use to gain access to the purchase page of Superhuman Supreme over at