Julian Smith’s Arms Race Nutrition will launch with a pre named Harness

arms race nutrition harness pre-workout

The first product from the upcoming supplement company Arms Race Nutrition has been named, along with the reveal of a few details about its formula. Arms Race is an all-new brand that is launching in one and a half months and is from the fitness celebrity Julian Smith and the man behind Core Nutritionals, Doug Miller.

The product that has been announced by Arms Race Nutrition is called Harness, which is a stimulant powered pre-workout supplement. Harness is going to feature a variety of ingredients including a handful of premium, patented ingredients that are said to be at or above clinical doses; so it will be a heavily dosed product.

Along with the naming and few details about its formula, Arms Race Nutrition has also said that Harness will have a strong price point and three flavors available. Those flavor options are going to be the fruity recipes Pineapple Mango and Lemon Rush, and the sweet candy-themed Tart Candy Strings.

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