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Arms Race packs a huge 10g of EAAs into its amino formula Replenish

arms race nutrition replenish

Replenish is the second supplement announced for the exciting and upcoming brand Arms Race Nutrition from Julian Smith and Core CEO Doug Miller. Compared to the one other product unveiled by Arms Race Nutrition in Harness, Replenish is a rather straightforward supplement that’s all about amino acids.

Arms Race Nutrition’s Replenish is designed to help with muscle recovery and repair, and features all nine essential amino acids. The EAAs are far from lightly dosed with the brand including them at a combined 10g per serving. Of that 10g, 6g is made up of BCAAs at a 4:1:1 ratio, while the remaining 4g is spread across the other six EAAs.

arms race nutrition replenish

Like a lot of other amino products, Arms Race Nutrition’s Replenish does also come with ingredients for hydration including 100mg of sea salt. When the supplement eventually becomes available, fans will have three tastes to choose from with Orange Twist, and two flavors from the Harness menu in Lemon Rush and Tart Candy Strings.

Replenish is due to launch alongside the rest of the Arms Race Nutrition lineup one month from now through At the moment only Harness of Replenish have been confirmed for the brand’s big launch, although if it keeps the pace of unveiling one new product a week, it’ll be hitting the market with five or six.