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BPI Sports puts together a performance enhanced version of Best BCAA

best bcaa recharged

This month BPI Sports is already launching two entirely new supplements with its heavier dosed pre-workout One More Rep Complete and the creatine formula Strength Gainz. Also dropping this May from the brand is another spin-off of its amino product Best BCAA, with Best BCAA Recharged.

BPI Sports upcoming Best BCAA Recharged is essentially a performance and endurance enhanced version of Best BCAA that combines BCAAs with a handful of additional ingredients. The supplement has the same dose of BCAAs as the original Best BCAA at 5g per serving and the usual ratio of 2:1:1.

best bcaa recharged

Alongside the BCAAs, Best BCAA Recharged has a 1.5g non-transparent blend of ingredients for hydration featuring coconut water powder and electrolytes. There are then a bunch of ingredients for the product’s performance benefits with 100mg of green tea, and a gram each of taurine and the PeakO2 blend.

As mentioned, BPI Sports plans on releasing Best BCAA Recharged later this month as well as One More Rep Complete and Strength Gainz. Just like those other supplements, fans of the brand will have two 25 serving flavors to choose from for the Best BCAA performance spin-off with Snow Cone and Watermelon.