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Entry list for the first ever Clash Of The Cans contest now open

clash of the cans

In one month’s time, we’re going to be running the first ever Clash Of The Cans, which is our voting contest to find the most popular energy drink on the market. It’ll be taking place over four weeks from Monday the 24th of June with a free for all first round followed by a knockout quarterfinal of 16, a semifinal of 4, then finally a one on one grand final.

The first round of Clash Of The Cans is going to be quite unique, as mentioned it, will be a free for all of sorts, with every energy drink getting a chance to progress to the quarterfinals. The way it is going to work is we’ll have an initial list of entrants to vote on that will appear for everyone, as well as space for people to vote for someone not on there.

We’re building that starter list of entrants for Clash Of The Cans below, and will add to it right up until the contest kicks off on the 24th of June. If you don’t see it on there, you can put forward your favorite energy boosting, carbonated drink to be voted on by commenting on this post or any of our social media platforms, or by reaching out through our contact form.

We’re only allowing one entrant per brand, and if for some reason a company would like their entrant changed, they’ll need to reach out to us directly. The products do also need to have been out and available for at least month, so if there is an energy drink coming soon or that just hit shelves, it will not be allowed to take part this year.

3D Energy
Alani Nu Energy
Atlhetica X Zero
Bang Energy
Beyond Raw Lit On-The-Go
Biotest Spike Shooter
Burn Energy Drink
C4 Original Carbonated
Celsius Live Fit
Hyde Power Potion
Kill Cliff Ignite
‘Merica Energy
Monster Ultra
Moose Juice
Mountain Dew KickStar
Myprotein BCAA Energy
NOS Energy
Nutramino Heat BCAA
Nutrend BCAA Energy
Optimum AmiNO Energy
Performix SST RTD
Uptime Energy
Raze Energy
Red Bull
Reign Total Body Fuel
Rockstar Xdurance
Solimo Energy Drink
Stacker2 Europe Extreme Energy
Xtend Energy

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