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The Dough Bar is now shipping its delicious doughnuts three days a week

dough bar shipping frequency

If you’re like us and are huge fans of the guys over at the Dough Bar and its delicious selection of protein-packed doughnuts, today the brand has shared some exciting news. Just a couple of weeks after its grand opening of the gourmet Doughnut Club, the Dough Bar has expanded its shipping frequency.

Previously the way to purchase from the Dough Bar was to place your order sometime during the week; then it would ship out the following Monday. Moving forward, the protein doughnut company is shipping three times as often, with orders now going out on Wednesday and Friday as well as the original Monday.

You still place your orders through the Dough Bar’s website where the brand has just updated its variety packs and added one with a mix of cake and raised doughnuts. You can also see the more frequent shipping reflected in the timer on the site as it is now ticking down to a lot sooner than Monday.

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