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Genetidyne introduces its new look with its new blend protein Whey3

genetidyne whey3

Genetidyne has added another protein powder to its already protein heavy line of supplements with Whey3, which features a blend style formula. It brings together a mix of three different sources of protein including both fast and slow digesting sources for a total of 28g per serving.

The three proteins making up Genetidyne’s Whey3 is whey concentrate, quality whey isolate, and slow digesting micellar casein. Like a few other brands out there, Genetidyne has also transparently listed each of its sources, so you know exactly how much of each one that makes up the 28g of protein.

Genetidyne’s Whey3 is primarily a whey product with 14.4g of that 28g coming from whey concentrate, and 8.3g from whey isolate. The remaining 5.3g of protein comes from the slower digesting micellar casein. All of the sources are listed with their actual amount as well, for example it comes with 18g of whey concentrate to provide that 14.4g.

genetidyne whey3

To go with Whey3’s fully transparent formula, Genetidyne has put together an impressive list of flavors for the supplement. It comes with a total of six to choose from in Chocolate Caramel Swirl, Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, and the cereal creations Fruity Cereal and Toasty Cinnamon Cereal.

Fans of Genetidyne will also notice that Whey3 does come with a look that is quite a bit different from all of its other products. That new look is currently only used on Whey3 but will eventually spread across to the rest of the brand’s lineup throughout the year.