Genius Nutrition releases iBar Zero, a lean and cost-effective protein snack

May 15th, 2019
genius nutrition ibar zero

iBar Zero is the newest protein snack from the European company Genius Nutrition featuring a solid nutrition profile with a price to match. The product is made with quality milk isolate to give it a high amount of protein, and it also promotes ingredients it doesn’t have including no gluten, soy, or palm oil.

Squeezed into each 50g iBar Zero from Genius Nutrition is a solid amount of protein with between 18 to 19g, around 6g of fat, and around 5g of carbohydrates. When it comes to sugar, the protein bar is quite low with all three of its flavors having less than a gram and a total number of calories ranging from 175 to 178.

The three flavors Genius Nutrition has launched for iBar Zero are far from your traditional tastes with Wild Coconut, Blueberry Cheesecake, and Cafe Mocha. As mentioned, not only is the protein snack impressive nutritionally, but it is also cost-effective at just 8 RON (1.88 USD) per bar from the brand’s website.