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Genius launches its high protein and low sugar chocolate iSpread

genius nutrition ispread

Genius Nutrition has added an all-new spread type product to its growing lineup this week that’s perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth but wants low sugar and high protein. The item is the chocolate hazelnut flavored iSpread, similarly named to the brand’s recently released iBar Zero from a couple of days ago.

The nutrition profile on 100g of Genius Nutrition’s new iSpread, which isn’t necessarily the amount you’d have per serving, starts with a strong 21g of protein from quality whey isolate. Alongside that, the product packs a high 39g of fat (9g saturated), 33g of carbohydrates with only 2g of that sugar, and 524 calories.

Genius Nutrition also wants to make it known that unlike some of its competitors, iSpread is not made with any palm oil, and it contains real hazelnuts. Fans in Europe can grab the product now directly from the brand’s website where it is running a sale as well with tubs dropped to 22.96 (5.39 USD) each.